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Our Mission is to create a positive environment where
every kid can learn to safely build strength at a young age


Our certified coaches inspire kids to give their best! We properly teach and correct movement, then students practice under careful guidance to perfect technique.


The Mighty Method is a developmentally appropriate strength program based on incremental weight increases as proper is technique established. Through individualized tracking and advisement, results are optimized for every kid.


The physical and mental challenge of training supports the development of confidence, determination and excellence. Our goal is to build them up, rather than tear them down, to provide them with the character it takes to succeed at anything.


Our community gives us strength! Our number one goal is provide an uplifting environment where every kid can reach his or her potential. By having a non-competitive atmosphere, in which kids are not compared to one another, students keep their focus on achieving personal success.


We strive to accommodate parents and students to stay fully engaged in the benefits of weightlifting by offering an unlimited number of make-up opportunities each session, coordinating parents with carpools for pick-up and drop-off, and tracking student progress.

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