"I enjoy their teaching methods.

They help you correct your mistakes in a very positive way and

always provide lots of encouragement."

-Nava K

Learn and Practice Weightlifting
Speed and Strength Summer Camps
Weightlifting for Intermediate Lifters
Elite Coaching for Every Kid

Mighty Movement Academy utilizes the The Mighty Method to get kids to safely develop strength at a young age.

We teach and correct various strength developing movements starting with the lightest weights. Then, every student begins their individualized progression with specified weights for their coach and feedback from the student to ensure strength is built at a safe and appropriate rate.

Teen Weighlifting High School
Upcoming Sessions

Learn To Lift:

April 4 - May 26th

Speed and Strength Summer Camp:

Open Now, June 6 - August 19

Outdoor Speed and Strength:

April 6 - May 25th

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Develop Mind & Body

Engaging environment that works on learning, correcting and practicing movements for continuous improvement 

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Grow Confidence

Knowledge and strength are incredibly empowering! Accomplishing new feats helps boost confidence and determination

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Track Progress

The Mighty Method uses a combination of algorithms and coaching expertise to predict and track individual progress

Learn a New Skill

Our coaches are dedicated to intensive instruction paired with patience to teach your child how to master weightlifting skills

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Do Makeup Classes

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Our large schedule of classes means that your child can come in and makeup any class they miss on another day

Join a Carpool

With 100+ kids in our programs, we are able to help you connect with other parents from the same school or neighborhood for rides