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Olympic Weightlifting Competition Information

Colorado Classic March 21st-22nd

A USA Weightlifting Sanctioned event

Sports Stable in Superior, CO (a 30 minute drive)

Youth will be lifting on Saturday no earlier than 10am

Mighty Movement Academy will register your child:
Just email us with their Name and the Event

- $58 registration fee
- $20 Coaches Meet Fee

- $30 USA Weightlifting Membership
- We will bill your account for all the meet fees

Requirements to Compete

  1. Weightlifting Singlet

  2. Weightlifting Shoes (Optional but recommended)

  3. A USA Weightlifting membership (we handle this)

  4. Event registration (we handle this)

Why Compete?

Each child will have their own reasons and their own motivation. Here are some of the most common:

  • The thrill and excitement of competition

  • A set goal to focus on

  • Opportunity to compare themselves to lifters around the nation

  • A way to test and re-test their abilities over time

  • An experience they can tell stories about the rest of their life

What to expect at a competition
  • Each lifter will be performing the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk (just like in practices).

  • The coach and lifter agree upon weights that are appropriate for their individual strength and skill.

  • Three judges watch to verify good technique is used.

  • Teammates warm-up together, cheer for each other, and support through success and failure.

  • Awards are presented to lifters by age and weight class categories.

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