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Park Hill Elementary

After School Enrichment


GRADES 3rd-5th: 2:45 - 3:45pm

LOCATION: Park Hill Elementary

   Students meet at the gym entrance following school release

   Pick-up will be from the field; 

   (if weather does not permit, pick-up will be from the gym entrance)

DATES: September 10 - December 3

COST: $189

Our youth movement and fitness development program is designed for children and their specific developmental needs. Our program targets increasing general fitness; such as endurance, coordination, power, speed and strength.


We use fitness as fun to teach kids proper movement patterns, increase capacity for hard work, boost confidence and acquire team building skills.


We create an environment that accommodates kids of every skill level. Modifications are used to ensure all kids participate at a level is appropriate for his/her abilities.


Children will be performing various movements including squats, sprints, jumps, pull-ups, push-ups, etc. 


Safety is our top concern, therefore, each class is led by TWO certified/experienced coaches.


We're here to build them up, not break them down. 

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